Board of Trustees, Council and Committees

Board of Trustees

Chairman: Bashorun Bayo SHOYEYE

Vice Chairman: Mr Nicholas Pattison
The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Association, responsible for the governance and management of the Institution as directed in the By Laws. Trustees are appointed from Members of Council. The President of the Institution is the ex officio Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Duties of the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Forum (Board members only).


President: Professor ***** **********
The Council is responsible for communicating the views of the Association’s members to the Board of Trustees, and for providing guidance and advice to the Board on all matters related to the professional activities of the Association. Members of Council are elected from and by the members of the Association.
The duties of the Council are listed in the By Laws.

Council Forum (Council members only)

Standing Committees

The Association‘s Standing Committees act on behalf of Council on all routine matters relating to their areas of delegated responsibility. They provide guidance to Council and speak on behalf of Council when called upon to do so.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees cover the following areas of Association activity:

Information Systems & Securities | Communication Environment | Innovation | Professional Affairs | Membership| Publications | Discipline